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Letter of Support

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Attn: Snowmobile Program Manager, Tom Metza

Dear Tom,

I would like to lend my support to the club's application for a grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife for the purchase of a new Snow-Cat trail grooming machine. I understand that the Summit County area and in particular the Spring Creek area, have seen an increase in winter users over the past few years and would really benefit from improved grooming. This new machine would really help the club improve the maintenance of their adopted trails and keep the trails safe.

The High Country Snowmobile Club's (HCSC) was very helpful leading and guiding our Wounded Warriors Snowmobile ride in February of 2012. Seven of their club members volunteered a day of their personal time to host a group of 5 soldiers and spouses from Ft Carson.

One soldier was a female and medic returning from a combat unit in Afghanistan. In addition we had a retired green beret who was a member of the rescue team in Blackhawk Down and a 25 year retiree from the Colorado Army National Guard. All have seen extensive Middle East action.

The club's members professional approach led these novices safely on the ride with just enough excitement to get the adrenaline flowing. Events like this are part of their R&R, Rehab and Recovery. It is encouraged and welcomed by the Army but there are no funds for these events. Everything is done voluntarily and by compassionate hearts. The club members were a big part of making this event happen and I look forward to working with them for years to come.

I hope that you will consider and approve the grant application by the High Country Snowmobile Club to purchase a new snow cat trail grooming machine.

LTC Karl Gruber, USAF,RET

A huge thank you

That was an awesome outing for the soldiers and the spouses. They don't get many of those type of opportunism during their rehab. They verbalized how thankful they were for this type of adventure and the joy of being together.

Your professional participation is an important part of making this work.

Best to you all, Karl