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How do I join?

Membership Application

Download: membership-application13.pdf

Sign Up Online: CLICK HERE

Please fill it out and mail it to:
High Country Snowmobile Club
PO Box 2215
Frisco, CO 80443

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership fees are $50 for a family membership, $100 for a business membership.

Why should I join?

Becoming a member of our club is a great way to meet other snowmobilers and help protect our local riding areas for the future.

We are very active in advocating for continued snowmobiling in the Forest Service's many land management processes. We commented to keep all of our riding areas open as part of the White River National Forest's 2008 Travel Management Plan. We have also been a very vocal opponent to the 2010 Hidden Gems Wilderness Campaign. Thanks to our vocal opposition to the Hidden Gems, Elliot Ridge did not become wilderness and remained open to snowmobiling. We are trying our best to make sure future generations of Summit County Snowmobilers have access to the beautiful riding that the White River National Forest has to offer.

The High Country Snowmobile Club is funded by membership fees. The annual fees help cover the regular club operating expenses and club insurance. In addition, your annual dues include a membership into the state snowmobile club, the Colorado Snowmobile Association, CSA. You'll receive regular communication from our club as well as CSA's newsletter, SnoScoop. Membership fees are $50 for a family membership, $100 for a business membership.

What is the High Country Snowmobile Club?

The High Country Snowmobile Club is a volunteer snowmobile club located in Summit County, Colorado. The club was originally founded in 1977 by snowmobiling enthusiasts and throughout the years, its mission is to protect, preserve and promote snowmobiling in Summit County. The club is a member of the Colorado Snowmobile Association and is supported by membership fees.